Incredible Zen-Like Minimalistic Art for Inner Healing and Stillness

I attempt to share with you, the viewer, the incredible possibility of healing and infinite stillness and bliss that I see through my paintings and the grace that I received in creating this kind of art.

Reminiscent of Mark Rothko and Paul Brach

My modern day paintings are reminiscent of Mark Rothko and Paul Brach. Their sacred geometrical nature is zen-like minimalistic in its design intended to bring you close to the language of the Self, to explore and contemplate consciousness, to heal, come to wholeness, and immerse yourself into the infinite stillness and bliss of Being.

The Middle Line

The middle line of some of my paintings created through two color fields bordering at each other divides the painting into ‘this’ and ‘that’, opposites by nature, the world of duality.

The Black Bindu

The round bindu or dot is a symbol of infinite stillness and absolute nothingness yet fullness. Viewing or meditating on it takes you deeply into your Self, your very being, and dissolves the restrictions and suffering of the conditioned mind, frees you from emotional anguish, your past, intentions, desires, and your very identity. Beyond that nothing remains but utter peace and eternal bliss. The infinite stillness of Being.

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Read ‘The Incredible Value of my Paintings’ for an expanded understanding of the black bindu.

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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi beautifully says, “The real responsibility of an artist is to raise the consciousness of the viewer of the art.” 

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  • ‘If someone is seeing nothing in these works, then he is yet to get enlightenment and know what really is meant by a conscious reality than dwelling elsewhere. Excellent work… excellent rendering.’ –Hariraam Veeraraghavan, Artist, Chennai, India
  • ‘Udayma’s art is simple, profound and beautiful.’ – Patricia F., Art Consultant, Canada
  • ‘Udayma combines the brilliance and unique colors of India, and brings them together with the ‘Bindu’ symbol in such a simple form—which in reality is the essence of the purity of Indian spirituality.’ – Jose Carrillo, Retired Art Agent – Santa Fee, NM, USA
  • ‘Love your Title… ‘the infinite stillness of Being’… YES!!! Just finished seeing your art creations… beautiful, sensitive, and zen simple…’ – Armand Altman, Ph.D., Yoga & Meditation Teacher, USA
  • ‘They are so peaceful!’ – Berta F., Art Collector – Phoenix, AZ, USA

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