From Worry to Bliss through Mantra Chanting

A mantra repeated continuously replaces your constant negative thoughts; thoughts of worry, fear, discontentment, depression, etc. brings about healing to your body-mind system. Admittedly it is not a quick fix but worth the effort to bring a gradual change in your mental setup leading to permanent peace and bliss.

Not only permanent but unshakable peace and bliss undisturbed by inner and outer influences.

Shift your Mind Set to Bliss

With a little bit of awareness you will be able to shift your ‘usual’ mindset to a blissful one. What joy there is once you realize what dormant potential lies right within yourself and how simple it is to be blissful more and more often creating new brain grooves of bliss. And it will spread and deepen those bliss grooves the more you become aware and practice the shift.

Can you imagine that perhaps one day you don’t have to shift anymore, that the bliss will simply stay 24/7?

The very vibration of Sanskrit words, the ancient language used for mantras, can transform your mood, the very sound will change your mood. It does not matter whether you understand Sanskrit, the very sound energy of Sanskrit purifies your body, your whole being.

Lotus Seed Mala

Malas are used for counting the number of times you have repeated a mantra. The above image shows a lotus seed mala beautified with smaller and one larger rudraksh bead. Lotus seeds symbolize the Goddess Lakshmi; rudraksh seeds are the favorite of Lord Shiva. This mala is strung on copper wire. Purchase the mala by contacting me here.

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