Experience with Venkateshwara – the Lord who Sustains and Maintains the Universe

I got a story to tell. Lord Venkateshwara not only sustains the universe but also you and me. My guru, H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, aka Swamiji, briefly spoke about Lord Venkateshwara during satsangh. He told that when Swamiji gives to Venkateshwara at the Tirupati Temple in Andrah Pradesh he gives a lot of money. Giving to Venkateshwara will come back to us many times he said. But, he added, you don’t believe me – and he looked as if he was speaking to me. Yes, I indeed was very sceptical. I had my last $15 in my pocket. To top it off I had to move again, so in between moves with 3 different places at 3 nights to lay my head, even in the car…. I thought, what do i have to loose? I gave about half of the money that I had left to Lord Venkateshwara. It really did not make any difference anymore, I was simply broke.

a few days later or so she got a call to show her art to a person she had never met before. he had found her business card at a yoga studio and said that there was an urge to meet her. and udaysree should bring some of her art work along. next day udaysree took a few of her pieces to meet with him. she did not have to explain her bindu art to him. he just looked at it and one by one he told what he saw in the art work and immediately connected with it. it was an amazing experience. came the time to negotiate the sales price. udaysree instead of naming a sales price said something like, how much are the paintings worth to you? (where did that come from?) he mentioned a figure that far exceeded her expectations. not only did she receive a much higher compensation but also confidence about selling her art at a price that was more appropriate than what she had valued it for.
needless to say that part of the compensation went right back to the feet of Venkateshwara…

reflecting on this, udaysree came to realize that when she shared the last few dollars she had w the Divine she was in an attitude of surrender. and she beliefs that this made all the difference… gratitude to Swamiji and Venkateshwara to showing the path, and to the art lover for his generosity…

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