Discover Vedic Healing


Vedic healing is about becoming whole again and integrating all parts of your being: body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

All healing is self-healing. Our Vedic counseling provides you with the right understanding, meditation techniques and processes.

The following are offered for individuals or small groups.

  1. 60 Minutes Complimentary Vedic Healing Discovery Session
  2. Awaken to the Healing Bliss within – Our Comprehensive 6 Months Signature Program
  3. Manifesting Shaktis: Body Scanning
  4. Science of Completion: Vedic Healing for Women
  5. Mantra Healing: Elevate your Frequency
  6. Chakra Healing: Unlock your Blocked Energy Centers
  7. 5 Steps to a Healthy Yoga Lifestyle
  8. Why Yogis Eat an Organic Sattvic Vegetarian Diet
  9. Healing Art for Inner Stillness
  10. Free Vedic Counseling by Email