Awaken to the Healing Bliss within

Are you… 

  • Ready to adopt a powerful and healthy yogic lifestyle that makes you the master of your own life?
  • Hurting with emotional pain from unresolved issues in your life ready to let go once and for all?
  • Wanting a diet that is cruelty-free, easy on your system, nutritious, and makes you lose weight naturally?
  • Tired of the constant negative thought stream in your mind and ready to learn how to break the vicious circle?
  • Ready for private yoga sessions that give you the max benefit of Vedic healing for your body, mind, emotions, and being?


The Sciences of Yoga and Vedic Healing both aim at keeping you healthy in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. They are preventative and at the same time healing and whole-ing in their nature. Taking responsibility for our life is at the forefront. Self-healing techniques may reach from eating an Ayurveda-based wholesome vegetarian diet to transforming meditation processes and emotional well-being. Health and healing contribute to a happier and more fulfilling life. The goal in the Vedic tradition is the ultimate fulfillment we all seek in life, eternal bliss. Why? Because bliss is our true nature. We know this unconsciously and want to regain that state of unending bliss through all our actions and behavior.

A Powerful and Healing Lifestyle

Yoga is a powerful system and lifestyle for transformation and healing if you practice yoga on and off the mat. It is an amazing tool for inner healing, gaining energy, a blissful being, and for yoga (melting or merging) to happen. A holistic yoga lifestyle considers the transformation and well-being of the whole person. It creates physical and emotional wellness, a peaceful mind, and the highest spiritual bliss.


‘Udayma is very knowledgeable in Holistic Yoga. It is not just yoga poses, but a wholesome approach that she brings to the table. She helped me with the following areas:

  • Corrections to my Hatha Yoga routine to alleviate the pain I have been having
  • Release of emotional blockages that resulted in pain
  • Yogic scanning of problem areas

I highly recommend her for a wholesome Yoga approach.’ – Gowri Sankar, USA


Yoga for Body

We look at a life-changing yogic lifestyle as preparation for yoga to happen. You will learn a complete morning routine, how to detox your body the yoga way, a vegetarian yoga diet, private hatha yoga sessions, yogic body scanning to learn about focus areas especially for you. Gain a healthier body that is fit to hold and radiate the higher energy of enlightenment and bliss.

Yoga for Mind

We will look at your thoughts, thought patterns, and conditioning through meditation processes. Break the vicious circle of repeated negative thought patterns, replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones, give up victim-hood, and live in alignment with your authentic Self.

Yoga for Emotions

Let go of deep-rooted emotional baggage of the past. The most powerful ultimate asset in your life is inner healing. You will learn and practice powerful, life-changing meditation techniques to facilitate self-healing. Increase your self-confidence, self worth, and inner peace and bliss.

Yoga for Being 

Our soul or atman is blissful all the time. It is our natural state. Learn how to take care of yourself first. Only then contemplate and know, life is for others. Enriching others, contributing to others’ life, lets you forget your ego-self and your inner space only be filled with joy and bliss. Awaken to the healing bliss within.


‘I had a package of sessions with Udayma. The results where very positive. Udayma was able to hold the space and gently guide me into some of the deepest parts of my inner world. I released a lot of old programming and trapped emotions. I felt so much clearer and lighter after the sessions.
Her professionalism and caring methods where a true blessing for my transformation.’ –JW, Tiruvannamalai – India / Sedona – USA

I am here to support you with your transformational and healing goals to the finish line. Begin your inner yoga journey, move from darkness to light, and awaken to the healing bliss within.

This is a comprehensive 6 months program with sessions once a week. The program is available in person or via Zoom in either English or German. Payment plans and money-back guarantee are available.


START your journey to awaken to the healing bliss within, TAKE THE FIRST STEP! SCHEDULE a 60 minutes complimentary Yoga & Self-Healing Discovery Session.

You will leave this session with:

  1. Clarify your vision for your life.
  2. Identify your most important health and healing goal.
  3. Uncover hidden challenges and blind spots that could be sabotaging your success.
  4. Create a next step action plan.
  5. Leave this session renewed, inspired and re-energized about your holistic wellness.

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