About Yogini Udayma


My name is Ma Nithyananda Udaysree aka Yogini Udayma. I am a Yogi, Artist, and Author.

Here on my website I share the best of what I love most in my life: Vedic self-healing and a yoga lifestyle including yoga diet, India travel, Hindu temples, Vedic culture, awakening, bliss, living enlightenment, power manifestations… creating healing and meditation artKumbha Mela… my guru H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda… and my personal yoga experiences… plus my book: Living at Arunachala.

I am passionate about your inner healing and inspiring you to live a healthy yoga lifestyle. Why? It’s the best you can get for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, and creating a cognitive shift. Most importantly it prepares you for Yoga (uniting or merging) to happen.

What Others Are Saying

‘I was very glad to have found a German-speaking person like Udayma. After we met for the first time and she explained her approach to me, I right away had a good feeling and knew, that is what I need. Through the work I came deep into my inner blocks where now inner healing takes place. I was surprised how quickly you can change old patterns not to stand in your own way. I felt incredibly comfortable during our work together. Udayma was open to all questions. For the future, I know now what I want to work on. It has really helped me a lot! Highly recommended.’ – Tim W., Luebeck, Germany

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VISION: Awaken to the Ultimate Bliss Within

MISSION: Causing and Healing Others through the Path of Yoga

My Background

  • 30 years of Vedic Studies: Vedic Healing Sciences like yoga, meditation, completion, and Ayurveda; Vedic Life Solutions; and Vedic Philosophy and Psychology. Experiential guidance and numerous initiations by H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda
  • Initiated into Yogic Body Scanning, Energy Healing, Meditation, and 70+ Shaktis
  • Certified Master Coach & Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher
  • Author of ‘How to Free Yourself of Depression’ and ‘Living at Arunachala’
  • Contemporary Abstract Artist

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What Others are Saying

‘I came with my 68 years old mother as a translator so she can look inside her. I didn’t expect that it would go so deep in us. My mother got so touched and felt better about herself. My mother and I, we cried but I feel it really cleansed our heart. Thank you so much and I hope more people get in touch with themselves. Shanti, shanti.’ – Challan from Korea

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